Breakout Systems

Breakout Systems applies proven tools and techniques to engage you in clearly defining, targeting and living a powerfully rewarding life.

You have the power to create a rich and rewarding of life.  Our Breakout Systems guide you to 

  • Break out of the mold that hems you in
  • Escape the rut where you feel stuck
  • Break out of thought patterns and habits that don’t serve you
  • Address the issues that are boxing you in
  • Emerge with a redirected path for your personal or professional life
  • Play the bigger game and live the legacy you choose
Melding her years of experience in training, consulting and coaching, Leslie launched Breakout Systems in 2000. Her powerful partnership system enables clients to rapidly  develop fresh, inspired action plans that  yield major advances in personal and professional effectiveness.  Leslie's  clients hasten to add that Leslie's personal style of encouragement and warmth in conjunction with her provocative insights entices clients to find and enhance their personal best.  If you believe that each day could be more joyful and tomorrow can become  the stuff of dreams, a Breakout partnership could get you there.


The Boston Herald and Leslie Seabury have jointed forces to give you an inside view of coaching.  We invite you to experience coaching through the lenses of  5 clients who are currently engaged in a 2 month coaching project.  The following link will allow you to watch the progress of these people who are ready and eager to create fresh directions for themselves:   Come see what's happening with Alison, Steve, Elaine, Stacey, and Julie. Could any of their stories be yours?