Breakout Systems

Breakout Systems transform your business into an effective, efficient powerhouse of productivity and ideas.

A successful organization is powered by effective teams executing on solid plans and developing new innovative ideas.  Breakout Systems empower your employees with a variety of tools and techniques including:
  • Creative Problem Solving tools for organizational innovation and problem solving
  • Development of leadership competency standards and practices
  • Highly effective and fulfilled team building activities
  • Time management seminars
  • Organizational leadership workshops
  • Assessment and design of training curriculum
  • Executive and leadership coaching

Working with Leslie Seabury or our other team leaders, you will

  • Capture and employ Leslie’s expertise in creativity and 20 years of experience as a leader of the world renown Creative Problem Solving Institute and  a Trustee of the Creative Education Foundation
  • Train senior and middle managers to be effective leaders, incorporating both well established tenets of Leadership and best practices in fulfilling their role as leaders
  • Partner managers with a highly committed and engaging certified coach who will focus in on their unique challenges and goals while capitalizing on their gifts and successes