Breakout Systems

Meet Leslie Seabury, the founder of Breakout Systems.

Welcome and thanks for visiting me at Breakout Systems, a coaching and training company focused on helping motivated individuals achieve their unique brand of meaningful, happy lives.  Through a special brand of partnership and specific tools for tapping creativity,  Breakout coaches are able to help people get out of well-worn rut and enless cycles of "I wish" and "if only".

I understand those patterns because, I admit it, I've been there !!!!  More importantly 30 years of consulting and team training have shown me just how many of us are resigned to accepting or simply bemoaning unfulfilled areas in their lives.  At some point an aha moment struck, there had to be a better way to invest that energy.

So, my challenges became
            how might we break unproductive patterns of behavior?
            how might we create and the lives of our dreams?

The result of those challenges is a system, a Breakout System, that enables us to partner in a caring, trusting and inspiring way that will achieve at success that previously lived in your realm of fantasy.  

Sound intriguing?  Ready to for a healthier, happier life?  I would love to explore with you how I might assist you in achieving the life of your dreams.

Leslie Seabury My favorite place for inspiration, relaxation and appreciation of the power available to us.

Leslie has 20 years of experience advising and developing senior level leaders and managers. She has taught Leadership and Communication skills at corporations and universities across the United States and abroad. She has coached professionals from a wide range of industries to address issues of personal and work balance, managing their careers and planning for fulfillment after retiring. Leslie is well-versed in the tools and techniques for tapping the creative potential in every member of a team to enable teams to produce fresh, viable ideas for solving problems.

Leslie has served 2 terms as a trustee of the Creative Education Foundation and was a recipient of the Distinguished Leader Award of The Creative Problem Solving Institute. Leslie views each client partnership as unique and is adaptable to the role that most fits your needs from a strategic partner. Clients consistently refer to Leslie as insightful, provocative and warm; many note her humor, attentiveness and encouragement. Whatever the challenges may be, Leslie is adept at leveraging her skills and her clients’ to take them to places beyond their expectations faster and easier than they dared to hope…